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Rev. Stephen Hunt

New Mexico

"I have smoked with lawyers, doctors, law enforcement officials and high ranking corporate officials and business owners. Pot smokers are not all Cheech and Chong and Beavis and Butthead type of people. The negative stereotypes about pot smokers shown in the media are false and misleading. This is partly why I have come out of the closet to say that the Holy Herb, cannabis, is God's gift to myself and mankind. Let us use it wisely and often to improve our world one inhalation at a time!

"Smoking the Sacred Herb is a healing religious experience. God gave us cannabis for our well-being. To deny God's gift is blasphemy. Genesis says, 'God gave us all seeds and said they are good.' We were not given the cannabis seed by God with the warning that it was not good. It is my God-given right to enjoy the Holy Herb and I feel we must not let any man take away that which God has given us for our use. No plant can do so much for mankind. I feel it can save our world. See www.jackherer.com."

  • Jester; Specializes in sales and entertainment -- special skills include walking funny, making odd noises, strange faces and creating ironic products or services

  • Post-graduate work in communications and marketing; Certified as an Advanced Leader and Advanced Silver Toastmaster; licensed job coach

  • Involved in lots of volunteer activities: Treasurer for New Mexico NORML, Toastmasters International, and telethon volunteer for Jerry Lewis's Kids and for Public TV

    Received awards: Wapello, Iowa Class Clown 1981; Most HUMBLE Man on Earth, 2001Press Club; Who's Who Publishers, Authors and Editors, 2001. Sexiest Legs Contest Winner 1981 and many more awards too numerous to mention!

  • Enjoys reading, writing but not arithmetic! "I love to entertain myself and others. I am active in Toastmasters International. I sculpt with duct tape and enjoy creating art and video to entertain and inform. Love to dance and make funny noises. Did I mention my HUGE HUMILITY? I love to brag about my HUMILITY!"

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