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TR Kelley


"I am more tolerant and spiritually aware [due to cannabis]. I see the interconnectedness of everything and have a true sense of the wonder of Creation that I never had before. Cannabis has enhanced my understanding of God.

"Since I came to Cannabis late in life (age 38), I feel I have been able to objectively document its impact. The primary benefit (other than getting off of pharmaceutical SSRI drugs) has been that I make better choices with food, now preferring to eat whole foods, and foods closer to their natural state. I rarely, if ever, eat packaged or fast foods any more. I used to eat them exclusively.

"Cannabis is a God-given medicine of great value to humankind. For human governments to wage war upon this beneficial ally is a tremendous waste of time, money and human resources."

  • Professional musician and graphic designer

  • Interested in music, spirituality, environmental and human rights issues

TR finds great medical benefit from cannabis and uses it to treat herself for autism, depression, migraines, PMS, anxiety attacks and motion sickness.

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