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Frank Lavoie


"Remember the pot drought of 1978? Trace the increases in [the availability of ] coke, crack, meth, etc. and you will find an inversely proportional ratio between the UNavailability of pot and the growth of hard drug consumption, regardless of cost.

"[Cannabis has] helped me overcome 'Nuclear Guilt', get closer to God, overcome PTSD and depression, and helped establish a workable philosophical approach to life challenges as an appropriate coping mechanism."

  • Writer (novel, indie film projects, entertainment reviews); photographer; artist; mineralogist (semi-retired with a home business in mineral and gem sales); and miner

  • Has a BA degree in English (writing and research); Credentialed in Masters level explosives; 30 years in hard rock mining; GPR expert; ex-nuke [Air Force]

  • Interested in science, art, music, astronomy, and philosophy

Frank has used cannabis medically for chronic pain, cancer, PTSD, spasms, back pain, and osteoarthritis. Frank says, "it saved me after 15 years of experimental meds [VA] in my 30+ year struggle with cancer (caused by radiation from nuclear weapons [USAF]). There was no radiation therapy or related chemo available for my leukemia condition."

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