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Greg Camden


"The issue of cannabis decriminalization is about much more than smoking pot. It is about basic civil rights, about freedom, about self-determination, and about our government. If it can't dump the fictional and moralistic rhetoric, if it can't act based on the facts AT LEAST it should get some sense of priorities.

"Cannabis is no danger to its users, never mind the rest of society. In fact, if the rest of society would get turned on to it or at least turned on to the truth about it we'd all live in a better place.

"It has put me more in touch with my total self (i.e., different aspects of my self and how they are interrelated). It has generally opened me up in ways that are nothing but good. I could go on and on.

"Quite honestly, I can say that in no way has cannabis negatively affected me, in absolutely no way."

  • Writer, editor, and proofreader

  • MA degree in English

  • Enjoys football, music, literature, and learning

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