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Giacomo Knox


"I love my country and my government, right or wrong. I am still and always will be a moderate Republican. But on this subject, I do not agree with current policy. It's time to stop listening to the lies of the past, and the race-related reasons why cannabis was made illegal, and make cannabis legal to anyone over age 18.

" I am a partially disabled veteran of Desert Storm (Marines), and a graduate of Seton Hall University in 1992. I find that I am much more creative and sleep comes much easier [after consuming]. I use it before bed to counteract insomnia and joint pain."

  • Actor; Stuntman; Filmmaker; and Electronic Musician

  • BA degree English, Film, and Theater

  • Interested in martial arts, writing, computers, creating electronic music, online gaming, coin and stamp collecting

  • Has received awards in martial arts tournaments; contributes to homeless, Veterans, and Native American charities

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