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Curt Lund


"If we are to attack prohibition effectively, we must be willing to attack other programs that may be near and dear to us, for some of those programs were meant as gifts to us from the government to ease the pain of prohibition.

"I think about things more deeply. I am more aware of just how little we think on our own. I read the paper and hear people speak, and it's obvious that most people regurgitate what they've heard before without any critical thought.

"Both parties have supplied misinformation regarding marijuana, and I'm certain it is because they feel it's best for us. As a result, I now look at all government policy with suspicion and compare it to the marijuana madness model. It's amazing how much we've let the government (and political groups in general) do our thinking for us."

  • Regional manager in software sales

  • Enjoys painting, writing, landscaping, and traveling

Uses cannabis to transition from the work day to the "best part of the day" when he pursues his creative interests painting and writing a book.

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