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Richard Fochtmann


"Cannabis has taught me to see politicians as self-serving individuals, rather than intelligent people serving the good of the people. The hypocrisy of alcohol-drinking pols against Mary Jane is a good example.

"Psychotropic drugs have been used throughout human history because the human psyche has an unconscious need to 'go beyond itself', and this will not change by government legislative command. The biggest societal problem with these drugs is caused by making them illegal, and thus taking them out of the realm of religious experience and the practice of using them ritually - much as Native Americans use peyote. Humans have a desire to get high and do so in various ways, even if it is just using peppers and/or chocolate, holding one's breath. No government has succeeded in legislating against that.

"Like alcohol during an earlier Prohibition, criminals always become involved in the supply chain to satisfy a desire. But, you do not see Budweiser employees now running around with machine-guns killing their competitors as Al Capone's men did years ago, and until Congress admits that and legalizes cannabis, there will continue to be crimes, a waste of police manpower, and an incredible loss of taxes."

  • Metaphysician/Counselor/Carpenter/Gardener

  • Interested in politics, gardening, and is currently designing and building his own home

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