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Laurajean Zaino

New York

"I think much of the reason that people disapprove of weed has to do with the fact that it's illegal. I've met many people who have smoked and don't personally have any objections to marijuana or its use but who still tiptoe around the issue. The general opinion of marijuana in this country is one of stigmatism.

There is no reason why people shouldn't decide for themselves how they feel about weed, and whether or not they want to use it. Alcohol, cigarettes, prescription drugs . . . these things are often abused, yet rarely criticized, because they are legal. People are not afraid to form their own opinions on them, whether they be good or bad.

"For me, smoking weed, aside from being fun, helps me take a look at things from different points of view. If I'm having trouble with something, if I have a dilemma or some unrest in my head, pot helps me take myself outside of the situation and bring it to new light, to figure things out and understand them better."

  • Post grad student and barmaid

  • Associate's degree in science, BA in English, and pending Master's Degree in English

Laurajean graduated from college with a 3.65 GPA. She has published some of her poetry, and has toured around the country with one of her bands. She's been a vegan for seven years and has worked in a health food store, so she is knowledgeable about supplements and alternative therapies.

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