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Nate Melancon


"It all boils down to personal choice. I agree that weed may have some negative effects just like alcohol and tobacco do, but I also believe it can be used safely and smartly. Everything in life has some risks and negative effects. It's all about assessing the risk and making a choice -- a choice I should be able to make and not have Uncle Sam make for me. I really believe in legalized adult cannabis use, and I will do just about anything to support other people or organizations who share my same views."

  • Sales Representative

  • US Navy Veteran; received a United States Navy Homeland Defense Medal

  • Enjoys music, movies, books, break dancing, billiards and a lot of other things

Nate says that cannabis makes him happy, reduces stress, and makes him more friendly and talkative (he's anti-social sometimes). He also can get more philosophical and into music. Sometimes it makes him feel lazy, so he will get everything done that he needs to before he smokes.

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