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Steven Joyner


"I am as healthy as a horse. I smoke cigs, too. I think because of my weed smoking, I only have a thumbnail of tar in my lungs after three years of cigs.

"There is nothing wrong with it. Alcohol is legal, but it kills people in accidents. Weed does not. Hell, people are retarded to think that this social-enhancing drug is bad. I mean really, who does it hurt? Why not stop and say something from your own mind and not what society wants you to say? Everyone needs to stop being so stereotypical and allow the use of pot anywhere. It's going to happen no matter what anyway. Let people live free for once. These rules are starting to make people feel like prisoners."

  • Home based, self-employed business, dealing with website and 3-D design

  • Made honor roll in high school, received 2nd place award in local 3-D animation tournament

  • Enjoys music (all genres), hockey, snowboarding, golfing, etc...

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