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Lori Lynn Abell


"You see reports all the time about the violence committed by people who are under the influence of alcohol, meth, and all the other drugs; but who can HONESTLY say they have arrested someone who has committed a violent crime while under the influence of just cannabis?"

  • Pilot Car Driver (escorts oversize loads)

  • Enjoys spending time riding her two horses and attending to her animals (two dogs, three cats, two ducks and two chickens), reading and playing on the Internet, tending her flower gardens, and spending time with important people in her life

  • Rides in parades to show support of the military troops

Lori likes to use cannabis when she is done for the day and ready to relax. Cannabis also provides pain relief in her leg which has a 10" plate and seventeen screws in it due to shattering her femur five years ago.

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