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Don Shaw

New Jersey

"Cannabis expands my parameters of understanding. It increases my appreciation of music and art. It helps me overcome shyness, ergo it gives me more courage to be myself. It enhances a spiritual connection with nature and my fellow man. It stimulates deeper appreciation of women, and it allows me to feel 'at home in my shoes.' Cannabis helps me to think creatively and surprises me with valuable insights into myself, others and nature.

"I'm excited about the enhancing effects of pot and look forward to using it regularly when it is decriminalized or legalized. I am proud of those active users and nonusers that form the crest of the wave of change. I am grateful and am of late joining with them. WE ARE NOT CRIMINALS."

  • Artist and Musician

  • Shows his art at local galleries; builds sets, runs lights, makes props and set pieces for local theater

  • Received an employee of the month award at a local hospital, a safe driving award, and one for best actor at his local theater

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