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Barbara Palau-Lipford


"When I was young, I used cannabis just for enjoyment. But I became very ill about 8 years ago, and now I don't really smoke socially. I smoke to ease my pain and to keep food down. I'd rather puff on a joint than kill myself with painkillers. My doctors had me on so many pain pills for a few years, but I was in so much pain, there were never enough. Now I take a few hits during the day and maybe at night and don't have to suffer in pain all the time.

  • Assistant Teacher

  • Travel Agent Certificate; Early Childhood Education certificate

  • Worked on the Peace March Across America in 1986, the Affordable Housing March on Washington, and many others; working to legalize marijuana for adults

  • Elected to CAABM (Community Action Advisory Board Member), helped the working poor in the DC/NOVA area by trying to keep the government from cutting children-in-need programs and by getting grants for housing and work programs.

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