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Beth Soloe


"I have been stereotyped by non-users as a lazy, non-productive member of society when just the opposite is true.

"It [cannabis] has made me compassionate towards people who have real drug problems to where I feel I can help them overcome these problems rather than condemn them.

"I don't think I can say anything more than what's already been said a million times. The problem isn't with the message, it's with who's hearing it. We need to educate people who don't smoke as to why they need to jump on the bandwagon and stand up for what's right. Education is the key...and the time is now!

  • Web Designer and Co-owner/editor of a weekly newspaper

  • Volunteers with the Boys & Girls Club of America and at community events and functions; Director of Operations for Time4Hemp; Executive Director of Southern Indiana NORML

  • Interested in politics, anti-prohibiton activism, music, and nature

To check out the web sites that Beth is associated with, please visit: www.time4hemp.comand www.inorml.org/southern_indiana.

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