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Barry Lipson


"Do not think that all marijuana smokers are drug addicts.

"The world is changing. No longer do we accept the side effects that synthetic medication has on the human body. We now want natural alternatives. Ones that do not kill but rather deliver on the promised relief. None of you are immortal. Glaucoma, cancer, arthritis. No one knows when they will be afflicted. Wouldn't you want to know the truth or will you stand behind the government's little white lies?

"Sadly, not all of our country has woken up to this Brave New World. The federal government would still like to keep the profits from pharmaceutical companies rolling in. So they continue to lie and tell us all is okay.

"Many people buckle when it comes to controversy however... It is important for you to seek information and educate the unenlightened. To tell them that they need not be scared. To come out of the closet in order to live a healthier lifestyle.

"To allow people to use marijuana for personal and medicinal use will help end the myth that marijuana is a gateway drug. If we take it out of the hands of drug dealers selling smack to our nations youth then they will no longer feel the pressure to use harder drugs.

"Imagine a world with no drug war. The cartels ceasing their senseless operations. The needless incarceration of productive citizens. A fireman who was credited with saving 100 people has spent 10 years in prison due to smoking marijuana. Hurt while doing his job, he chose to take a natural product over a legally prescribed narcotic and he is behind bars.

"Marijuana is bad but morphine is good. Morphine is not good. It is deadly and addictive. Do you want a world where you can be prosecuted for smoking a joint? Or do you want to write to Alberto Gonzales and tell him to back off his DEA attack dogs and allow California and the other Western states that have approved the use of medicinal marijuana to have their democratic rights?

"All I ask is that you consider what I said today and not look at marijuana smokers as drug addicts. I for one hate drugs. I don't smoke cigarettes, I do not drink, I do not drive a car. I smoke pot and I am proud. Proud of the fact that I can stand here and speak openly, honestly and hopefully given you all something to think about."

  • Student with a 3.7

  • Awards: 1st place Kern Press Club and 4th place Southern California JACC award

Barry has Vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. He became interested in medicinal marijuana when pharmaceutical drugs combined with major surgery left him fighting for his life.

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