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Rev. Sheryl Trenary


"I am a firm believer that this is the miracle herb that will save a lot of people's lives (the sick and dying) or at least let them live comfortably and be able to do their daily living things without pain and suffering. I also think that cannabis should be legalized for spiritual use as peyote is for the Native Americans. There is nothing wrong with this God given herb except that it is illegal and needs to be freed from government control.

"This wonderful plant opens up my eyes to how the world should be and how God wants me to live my life with love and happiness to share with everyone."

  • Private home health aide

  • Does spiritual healing, herbal and alternative medicine, reflexology, and massage therapy

  • Organized a benefit for tornado victims from Bradgate, Iowa in 2004.

  • Enjoys listening to music, cultural religions (all of them), making hemp jewelry, and researching medicinal uses of cannabis and other herbal remedies

Sheryl used cannabis to treat pain associated with whiplash and spurs in her neck, deteriorating discs in her lower back, arthritis, scoliosis, and migraines. She is fighting to get her children back and is going through court -mandated 'drug treatment' for her medical use of cannabis (which is not recognized in the state of Iowa). She was denied a religious or medical defense in court when fighting for her children.

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