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James Phillips


"Contrary to government propaganda, cannabis use has improved my quality of life. I remember reading back in the late 60's and early 70's when legitimate research was going on, about all the positive results the researchers were coming up with. The government has worked diligently to get rid of those studies, to increase penalities beyond belief to jail people, to fire them from their jobs, to force people to take urine tests to get jobs, to make students lose their grants to go to school. The government has destroyed the lives of thousands of families.

"In about 1989, I heard an interview with Jack Herer in Dallas. It opened up my eyes to the fraud that is being perpetrated on the American people by prohibitionists.They don't have studies to prove what they preach. They only preach illegitimate studies that no other medical institutions have been able to reproduce. The Internet has opened my eyes to the studies done around the world, and they only prove one thing -- that our government is perpetrating a fraud on us.

"Of all the medical benefits that I've read about, the most substantial is that marijuana kills cancer. This government has known about it since 1974. It was proven again in the 90's and Madrid University substantiated those studies in 2001. With so much money spent on cancer research this millenium, I can't believe that we're not creating medicines from marijuana for the sake of curing cancer.

"This simple plant is quite harmless but beneficial to my health and well-being. If it wasn't marijuana, this would be called 'the aspirin of the 21 century,' because it seems to have a solution or possible solutions for many ailments of life.

"In America, we're supposed to stand for equality, truth, liberty, and freedom to speak and live without interference from big government. On the subject of cannabis, it's shameful that they're going out of their way to hurt the public, lie and cause harm to them, and to take away freedom. This is not what our founding fathers envisioned for the government when they created the Constitution. It was intended to keep the government in check. In the last few decades, our government has trampled the rights of the American people and the provisions of our Constitution. Our Bill of Rights is just about damaged beyond reproach."

  • Data Communications Technician

  • Degree in electrical-electronics, with emphasis on industrial electricity and instrumentation

  • In college, was on Director's honor roll with 3.81 GPA and received a Perfect Attendance Award

  • Enjoys playing guitar, keyboards, bass, drums and singing, and love sports

James was a track and field and cross country runner in high school and college.

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