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Anna Karow-Dibble


"The time that I've spent praying and meditating with the help of Haoma (cannabis) has led me to a much higher emotional, spiritual and religious level. Happiness is reputed to raise endorphins in the body. I feel less physical pain and more empathetic gain."

  • BSE degree in Education and Visual Arts, K-12 state certification in Developmental Disabilites

  • Received academic scholarship, KappaDeltaPi, star quilt for educational service, honored with title "Enlightened Cogniscenti" by church

  • Volunteer co-organizer for St. Jude's bike ride, pet therapy in nursing home

  • Interested in spiritual advancement, family history, Hoama research, feeding the birds, religious and humanities studies

Anna gets great medical relief from symptoms related to fibromyalgia by using cannabis.

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