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Marjorie Bowen

Ontario, Canada

"After being a consistent smoker of pot for 30 years, I can honestly say, as a productive member of society, that it has had no detrimental effects on me, only positive ones. I would thoroughly recommend it for one's quality of life. Even my doctor told me that he would rather his patients smoked pot, than cigarettes.

"The government has completely archaic views on pot use, in spite of the studies that have come out showing that pot use is not harmful. Hence, an incredible amount of taxpayers' money and court time is wasted on persecuting/prosecuting otherwise 'law-abiding' citizens."

  • Retired; Former business owner (a hot tub rental service, tropical fish breeder, owned/ran an antique and unique gift store, among others); Former moving consultant

  • Helped organize a music festival, Beaver Valley Rock; volunteered at Guelph Hillside Festival; used to be a very active volunteer in her children's schools

  • Enjoys creative endeavours such as photography, videography, gardening (art with nature); playing squash and and tennis; reading; and playing backgammon on the net; currently learning Spanish, creating art, learning something new, and relaxing and watching the river flow by

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