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David R. Ford


"Cannabis enabled me to write TV commercials several times faster. My creativity was enhanced for interviewing celebrities, ideas enhanced for writing and producing a professional motion picture promoting the Big Island of Hawaii. I now use it for writing speeches.

"I had TB as a child. I was told never to smoke cigarettes. My lungs today are in perfect shape -- smoking cannabis only.

"Cannabis encourages people to think for themselves rather than believing what government reports as true.

"If every adult in the world smoked two joints a day , in all probability, there would be no wars, no killings, no domestic violence. And more loving of each other physically and emotionally."

  • Author, "Marijuana: Not Guilty as Charged," and "Good Medicine, Great Sex!"

    Lived in Hawaii for 30 years. Spent many years working for CBS television. Named, "Hawaii's Number One Television Personality." He interviewed everyone who visited Hawaii -- from Bing Crosby to the Rev. Billy Graham. As a licensed pilot, he flew newscasters over the Big Island eruption.

  • Winner of Lions International Public Speaking Contest 1945/1946, California and Nevada, Hearst Public Speaking Contest, 1948. Recognized in Who's Who : Men & Women of Hawaii.

  • Presented with Deep Sea Diver Award from U.S. Navy for breaking world's record for being under water 76 hours 42 minutes

  • Enjoys picnics in bed, swimming, camping, writing letters to the editor, editorials, and books

Has smoked cannabis for 57 years, generally at night. Still uses for creativity, sexual enhancement, as a sleep aid, medically (back injury when racing stock cars while in his 20s), and also after cancer surgery for pain), writing, relaxation, as an appetite stimulant, and for music appreciation.

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