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Henry Koch

South Carolina

"Marijuana was made illegal based on lies for the benefit of a handful of industries that did/do not want hemp competing with their synthetic processes and products. The United States Government should be taken before the world court on charges of crimes against humanity for its 66 year campaign to eradicate hemp, the most beneficial plant on the planet. Millions of lives have been ruined, not by Cannabis Sativa but by the draconian laws against it all in the name of prejudice and greed. Everyone should read "The Emperor Wears NO Clothes" by Jack Herer. It will open your eyes to the truth, it opened mine.

"I'd rather light up than have an alcoholic beverage. I never smoke or drink if I'm using tools with sharp rotating blades. I find if I am perplexed by a construction problem, getting high usually frees my mind and I come up with some very creative solutions. I'll get high for viewing certain entertainments and I enjoy getting high with friends and just sitting around enjoying each other's company."

  • Remodeling contractor (high-end custom), electronics engineer

  • Certified Builders License; Emergency Medical Tech (Volunteers as Emergency Medical Tech for ambulance service)

  • Received a Good Conduct Award and 2 letters of commendation for his ability to maintain very complicated communications equipment and computer controlled satellite communications equipment while serving in the US Navy (he was a consumer while in the Navy, also)

  • Enjoys all outdoor sports, woodworking, photography, electronics, reading, cooking, target shooting, hunting (and more than can be listed)

Henry is president of his local NORML Chapter, Midlands NORML, Columbia, SC. Check out their web site at: www.midlands-norml.com.

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