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Harvey W. Feldman, Ph.D.


"After 44 years of professional experience in the drug field as a social worker, researcher, professor, and consultant, I have concluded that cannabis as a psychoactive drug is a completely benign and wonderfully useful substance for a wide range of constructive activities. And I personally feel that it has enhanced my adult life emotionally and intellectually and has allowed me to enjoy my senior years in physical comfort."

  • Semi-retired sociologist, social worker, author, educator, and consultant

  • B.A. in English/writing; M.S.W. in social group worker; Ph.D. in medical sociology/social welfare

  • Received Certificate of Merit from San Francisco Mayor Frank Jordan, 1992; Certificate of Honor, Board of Supervisors, City & County of San Francisco, December 21, 1990

  • Interests: political junkie, ex-basketball player (captain of high school team, basketball scholarship to college), avid fan of professional basketball, and owner of lovable female English Mastiff

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