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Ben Power


"Upon my introduction to cannabis while in the U.S. Navy during the Viet Nam War, I immediately recognized the value of this plant. I saw that this was not merely a social lubricant and party device, but a gift to us from that great undefinable SOURCE that some call THE GREAT MYSTERY....or SPIRIT....or....GOD...(fill in your own blank.) Cannabis has been an irreplacable tool to assist me in getting to know myself...and to commune with that great, undefinable SOURCE within.

"As Louis Armstrong once put it, '(cannabis) is a helper...a friend.' In terms of art and creativity, cannabis opens portals and peep-holes in consciousness that defy words. Cannabis is a sweet blessing, gift and tool that has been persecuted and maligned by the largest witch-hunt in memorable history. The European Inquisition pales in comparison.

"There is, however, good news. The climate for legalization is the best it's been in thirty years. It is encumbent upon us to seize this energy and run with it. We have Truth and Love on our side.

" It's time for each of us to step forward, come out of the closet and put a human face on this war. Let the world see who we are. Let America know who is being harmed by current drug policy. However misguided or misinformed at times, the American people have a tendency to want to do the right thing. They need to see the faces of the persecuted. Their hearts need to be touched. Then, we will see an end to this war on cannabis and cannabis people."

  • Post-graduate in Communications and Theology

  • Viet Nam War Veteran, Activist, Humorist

  • Sacramental Cannabis Minister...after 25 years in the broadcast and film industry, and founder of the Florida Marijuana Party

"It [cannabis] lowers my blood-pressure and acts as a vasodilator, assisting in improved circulation. I live with chronic pain in my feet and joints due to arthritis and borderline diabetes. Cannabis improves circulation in my feet, allowing me to get around."

Check out his web site at www.florida.usmjparty.com

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